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In the futuristic world of Discoveryland you can discover the world of Toy Story with "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast", STAR WARS and also "Honey, I shrunk the public" and the famous "Space Mountain: Mission 2".

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Discoveryland in detail

The more appreciated Discoveryland


Board futuristic cars and drive them for yourself. Very nice. Be aware that this is a seasonal attraction and is only open between 10 in the morning…

Buzz l'éclair Bataille Laser

On board your ship with 360° vision, you'll help Buzz Lightyear to conquer the terrifying Zorg, who has decided to steal the galaxy's…

Captain EO

Captain EO

This 3D movie was created by Michael Jackson, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and Disney. The story tells the adventures of Michael Jackson as…

Disneyland Railroad Discoveryland Station

This train serves three other lands: Frontierland, Fantasyland and Main Street USA. You have to wait for a long time at the station because the train…
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