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You enter into an oriental market (Aladin) and find African casas and also a real pirate island. Suspension bridge, grottos, you'll be surprised to find yourself humming along to the tune "yo oh yo oh a pirate's life for me..." This exotic world will turn you into an adventurer. Just like Indiana Jones you enter the Temple of Doom ... Unless you would prefer to be like Swiss Robinson and go by boat on a turbulent adventure with pirates. This is a very disorientating world, watch you don't get lost in the centre of the earth or in a crypt.

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Adventureland in detail

The more appreciated Adventureland

Adventure Isle

Grottos, the monkeys bridge, slippery ground. The ideal place to let off some steam. This attraction is great for those of you who take things too…

La Cabane des Robinsons

Come and see the Swiss Family Robinson. They live in a tree in a lovely shack. Don't miss it.

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril

Travel at high speed in an archaelogical site that ends with a magnificent 360 degree loop, all this is an Indiana Jones type world.

Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin

See all the best scenes from Aladdin in the gallery.
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